Venture Studio

A team of experts building de novo innovative healthcare businesses

We are a team of seasoned healthcare operators designing and launching revolutionary healthcare businesses. Atelier Health is a venture studio focused on accelerating healthcare innovation, with a focus on India and Southeast Asia.

We research, incubate, and build business models from scratch, launching new businesses focused on improving healthcare. By doing so, we remove many of the elements of risk associated with company creation and reduce the barriers to accelerating growth. We are using tried-and-tested models and bring a collective wealth of experience as healthcare investors and operators. Our studio approach is perfectly suited to the highly regulated and often capital intensive nature of innovative healthcare businesses.

We are committed to deep thematic research and carefully vetting a new company concept. Once vetted and approved, we support our portfolio businesses with dedicated support to achieve meaningful product market fit and meet fundraising milestones.

We partner with world class investors and institutions to accelerate the next phase of a company’s growth, creating the next wave of India’s healthcare businesses.

How a Venture Studio Operates

Investing in the Venture Studio vs investing in an Opco Structure

Healthcare is a particularly good fit for the studio model due to the initial capital cost and additional regulatory complexity. A studio model helps a healthcare business achieve product-market fit at the lowest rate of failure. A seed stage company developed from a venture studio is more likely to have an exit (34%) than the average series D investment (27%).

Leadership Team

The studio is helmed by seasoned executives with deep expertise in healthcare services, entrepreneurship, and private equity.