Clinical Talent acquisition and Management

Clinical Talent acquisition and Management

Good facilities and good clinicians go hand in hand to ensuring the success of any hospital. With clinicians becoming “mini-brands” by themselves, it is increasingly becoming very difficult not only to get them in but also to keep their commitment to the hospital for long periods of time.

As a group, we can tap into a wide network of doctors all across the country. However, our process of recruitment starts inside the providers’ premises. We do a “gap analysis” – to identify the specific talent as well as the infrastructure needs for the new clinician to perform at an optimum level in the facility. This includes appropriate technology, support personnel, internal support and marketing outreach. We then work on structuring the compensation package – where we try to strike a balance between the needs of a clinician and the long term interests of a business. We take into account multiple factors like brand value, clinical outcomes, growth potential, team development, incremental cost of infrastructure, revenue generation potential and cost of retention before structuring the offer.

We facilitate the negotiation between the two parties and complete the process with agreements and legal undertakings for the engagement. 

The outcome of such an exercise is a blueprint for doctor compensation for the next few years.

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