Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are the gateway for the introduction of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, reagents for clinical laboratory use, diagnostic devices and other such applicants in the practice of medicine. India, for long has been a major player in this space. You can rely on WHA to set up and run clinical trials for you in India.

With the introduction of the new stringent guidelines for introduction of pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices, the Indian regulator has positioned itself at par with similar organisations, such as the USFDA, CE and others.

The advantages of undertaking clinical trials in India are

  • a large patient community,
  • availability of talent and technology,
  • possibility of multi centric trials over a large patient population,
  • fast turnaround,
  • cost effectiveness,
  • single window access to trials and regulatory approvals,
  • quality assurance through digital mapping.


We are actively engaged with doctors, Pharmaceutical companies and medical device innovators in the US and Europe to bring their clinical trials to India. We work closely with a bunch of clinical trial companies based in India, prepare relevant documentation as required for the proposed trial, provide support in getting all regulatory approvals and create routes to market where relevant.

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