Offline Strategy for Digital-only Brand

Offline Strategy for Digital-only Brand

Creating offline presence through the right mix of formats.

E-commerce players like Nykaa (Beauty and Cosmetics) and First Cry (Baby and Kid) started off as pure play e-commerce companies, but are now venturing into physical stores. New-age brands are realising that it is easier to test out new concepts, build a minimum scale and presence quickly in the online media – however, for sustainable growth they may need to tap the larger physical marketplace – and that is where WHA Partners can help you. So, whether you are thinking ecommerce or brick and mortar, the WHA Partners team has decades of experience in both and can support you.

As we all know, Indian consumers like to physically experience a product. To get consumers to experience the entire range of products, or, to get more consumers onboarded, physical presence may also need to be a part of your plan. Such brands have the choice of setting up their own stores where they can showcase their entire range of products. Alternatively, they can buy up shelf space in brick and mortar organised retail stores; or tap the wider distribution network to reach the mass market. Each comes with its own set of investment, cost and return implications. For own brand stores, the decisions range from the store size, cities to roll-out in – to the assortment and pricing – how different can the assortment and pricing be as compared to the online range.

WHA Partners can support your team in all the decisions in moving the business off-line – from choosing the mix of strategies, the locations, the assortments and getting the business off the ground.

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