Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Optimising Front end Operations and Supply chain

There are several areas where efficiencies can be improved in retail – two such examples are front end operations and Supply chain. Our experience in running stores can help you achieve this. We have experience across both apparel and grocery retail in assortment management, SOP creation, shrinkage control plans – and can help you make your overall operations more efficient. 

With deep expertise across both grocery and garment retail our team can help you in

  • Assortment Optimisation – Creating assortments to suit local tastes
  • Creating store wise planograms, so that space in the stores is in proportion to any category’s sales
  • Developing uniform display guidelines – ensuring all stores look and feel the same
  • Creating and monitoring a shrinkage control plan that relies on the latest technology.
  • Putting together the Store SOP document – which can help run a large number of stores across geographies;
  • Running Store audits periodically to make sure that SOPs are consistently implemented across all stores.
  • Optimising Supply chain so that the customers always find what they need at the stores;

Reach out to us at info@wha-partners.com for more information.